top of page belongs to Alzano Ltd, which is a small company based in Tallinn, Estonia (Baltic Region) selling a range of Organic and Natural Dried Fruits, Nuts & Seeds, plus many other Organic and Natural Healthy products, including a new range of 100% Handmade Baltic products.
It is now 2022 and we will now expand our range of products to include everything, including downloadable digital products, books, designs and much much more.

Alzano Ltd officially started in 2013, but we have been been selling online since 2007 in the United Kingdom, and now in Estonia. We have slowly expanded our ranges and created new brands over the years. We try only sell the highest quality products, sourced from some of the best suppliers across Europe and Asia. The brands we have created and developed are Fruity & Nutty, CresZest, AlzoPack, Designs By Inception and Alzo Creations. We are busy working on a few new brands for 2022, and looking to expand our range of products.
Our industry has changed a lot recently, and the way the online world works has changed, therefore we will now also venture in the digital products market and be creating some digital products.
We have been in business for over 16 years and have experience in many areas and sectors of business, from business set-up to expansion. Including full business management, people management, systems, costings, product creation, e-commerce, web design and lots more. Due to the many years of experience we have gained, we now also offer online services for small businesses and startups. Especially geared towards product creation, costing, researching, sourcing, pricing, design and packaging.
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